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Word Count Popup V2.50

Word Count Popup V2.50

Word Count Popup Mac cracked version – Word Count Popup pop up a window to display character, word, and line counts whenever and wherever you are copying.

Word Count Popup All counted text can also be automatically copied, grouped, and saved to daily log files.

Not only can this app count Western alphabets (Latin and Cyrillic), it can even count UTF-8 foreign characters, such as Chinese, Korean, or Arabic. With customizable controls, you would come to enjoy the come and go of the little counter window.

Yes, it works with all browsers, apps, and even PDF files. Actually, it works anywhere as long you can select and copy!

Features: v2.02

  • count results can be sent to and displayed in the notification center
  • count not only western alphabets, words, and lines, but also UTF8 characters
  • tiny, non-distracting pop-up counter window that fades out automatically
  • pop-up counter window will display in front of all windows at the position of your mouse pointer
  • pop-up counter window can be set to disappear after 1 to 15 seconds
  • pop-up counter window will fade out instantly when clicked by the mouse
  • black, blue, and red backgrounds
  • dock menu icon can be hidden
  • toggle-able sound effects

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Word Count Popup

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