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Winclone Pro V8.0.2.46126CR2

Winclone Pro V8.0.2.46126CR2

winclone pro Mac cracked version – The Mac version is one This system cleanup tool winclone is the Mac platform version. The winclone Mac version can clone the windows installed in the Bootcamp partition or transfer the cloned files back to the Bootcamp partition. Winclone Mac version is a professional boot Camp migration assistant, which can move your PC to your Mac, allowing you to migrate the win system.

Function introduction:

Simple operation. You only need a few clicks to quickly create your Boot Camp partition or migrate an existing Boot Camp partition to a new Mac.

Real PC migration. Want to move PC to Mac? Winclone will need to transfer all the data of Windows, and each of your applications can be moved to Boot Camp. This is really a beautiful thing.

Support network migration. Transfer a Boot Camp partition or Winclone image from the Mac over the network. Just use an Ethernet cable to connect two Apple computers together and join the same wireless network, or plug them into a switch.

Extreme migration speed. Winclone 4 is more than 34% faster than Winclone 3 dual-core in Mac computers and expands this work to all processors. With more processors and cores, everything becomes so fast with Winclone 4.

Manage one or hundreds of boot Camp partitions at the same time. Winclone 4 is easy to use in large environments and supports all major customer management vendors. If you need an administrator to manage a large number of Mac boot Camps, Winclone makes it possible. If you can deploy a package, you can deploy a Boot Camp partition.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Winclone Pro

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