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Watchman V2.9.1

Watchman V2.9.1

Watchman For Mac is an easy-to-use website content monitoring tool , Can help you monitor the entire website, part of the website or a single page, you can set the configuration for multiple sites / pages, schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scanning, very easy to use.

Software features:

1. Monitor the entire website, a part of the website or a single page

2. Configure the configuration of multiple sites / pages

3. Plan to scan every hour, every day, every week, every month

4. Receive alerts about any changes, visible text, source code or page resource changes

5. Ability to demonstrate the appearance of a specific date page

6. Pay attention to every change of competitor’s page / site

7. Run locally instead of cloud services. Have your own data.

8. Keep archive *, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js

9. View the “letter-press” version of the history page instead of the screenshot

10. Switch between page versions for comparison

11. Export the history page as a collection of images or all files

12. Export the entire site, keep all files as they are on the given date, or process to make a local copy of the site that can be browsed.

13. The archive is internal and in a proprietary format. It must be to preserve changes over time. However, you can export all files for a single page, or all files for the entire site on a given date

Software screenshot:


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