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Wallpaper Wizard V2.2.0

Wallpaper Wizard V2.2.0

The Mac version of Wallpaper Wizard cracked is a high-definition wallpaper Mac cracked app on the Mac platform. The Mac version of Wallpaper Wizard can set a new background every hour or a few minutes. There will be enough fresh wallpapers to provide a loop of desktop backgrounds for your Mac.


   Wallpaper Wizard Mac version contains more than 25,000 wallpapers, all with high-definition backgrounds, no unsightly vector art and pixelated photos. All images are 4K quality, and they look clear even on large Retina displays.

  Wallpaper Wizard Mac version supports adding all the background pictures you like. You can set scrolling to switch your wallpaper as often as you need or if you don’t like the constantly changing screen, you can also manually set the desktop picture.

   Wallpaper Wizard Mac version includes nature, texture, flowers, sea view, any scenery you want can be included. All desktop wallpapers can be grouped into collections for easy browsing. You can save your favorite background to favorites.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Wallpaper Wizard

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