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Video Subtitler

Video Subtitler 3.0

Video Subtitler mac cracked app – 2-in-1. Subtitle any Video (Both Hard or Soft) using a single App! – Video Subtitler

Video Subtitler

Super simple to use. Just 3 steps: – Video Subtitler1. Drag & Drop any video.2. Add Subtitle(s).3. Save Video. That’s it!

• Two Modes. Switch between them just with a click of a button.

Hard Subtitle mode: – Video Subtitler• Subtitle text permanently embeds above the video (which cannot be extracted or removed).• Know the look & placement of subtitle text before exporting.• Ability to set font, font size, text color and text outline color.• Ability to set Closed Caption (CC) style or Subtitle styled text.

Soft Subtitle mode: – Video Subtitler• Subtitle resides as a track in the output video. Which can be turned ON/OFF using the video player.• Add multiple subtitles at one shot.• Ability to choose the tracks in the output video before exporting.• Losslessly encodes to .mp4 only if necessary.• Automatically detects the language of Subtitle and tags them so that it shows up in QuickTime Player for easy selection.

Common: – Video Subtitler• Output Video is compatible with QuickTime, iPhone TV App, Apple TV and most other video players.• Supports pretty much any language.• Supported Input subtitle file formats : SubRip(.srt), SubStation Alpha(.ssa), Advanced SubStation Alpha(.ass), SubViewer(.sub), WebVTT(.vtt), Spruce(.stl), SAMI(.smi) etc.,• Supported Input video formats : .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .mkv, .mpg, .avi, .webm, .wmv, .dv, .ogg, .ogv, .ts, .flv, .mts, .m2ts, .3gp, .asf, m2v, mxf, .wtv and everything else.

Soft Subtitles vs Hard SubtitlesHard subtitles are part of the video itself (superimposed text), they are embedded over the video and cannot be turned ON/OFF while the video is playing. Example: Creating YouTube Video with transcription.Soft Subtitles are added as a separate track in a video file and they are not part of the video itself, so it can be turned ON/OFF while the video is playing. Example: Creating an Apple TV Video with different language subtitles.RELEASE NOTESSupported Operation System:• macOS 10.14 or later• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Video Subtitler

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