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Utorrent V1.8.7 (45548) Stable MacOS

Utorrent V1.8.7 (45548) Stable macOS

Utorrent Mac cracked version – Utorrent is the famous BT download Mac cracked app under Mac. It is a compact BitTorrent client program, full-featured, written in C++, supporting Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux platform free BitTorrent client. Support UPS, support the popular BT extended protocol, magnetic link (magnetic link), IPv6, user source exchange, DHT and uTP, and RSS downloader and other rich features. A tracker server that has common functions but does not support UDP.

It also has a good performance in downloading from the internal network, not to mention the external network. Although download tools such as Xunlei and Express have integrated the BT download function, for some reasons, some high-definition video stations and even Chinese high-definition TVs have blocked the right to use the internal resources of Xunlei download stations. It is recommended to use μTorrent for downloading with Utorrent.

Function introduction:
1. Pocket size: less than 400K (official version), fast installation speed and high operating efficiency!
2. Super fast speed: born for speed. No other waste system
3. Simple to use, ready to use: the interface is simple and clear, automatically detects and configures the UPnP and NAT-PMP technology in the router
4. Cutting-edge technology and Mac cracked app intelligence: μTorrent is born “smart” , Will automatically adjust the allocation and occupancy according to your network speed and environment. To use other web applications to run smoothly!

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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