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Universe Sandbox²  V24.1.2 (35469)

Universe Sandbox² V24.1.2 (35469)

Universe Sandbox Mac cracked version – creates and destroys on an unimaginable scale…a universe simulation Mac cracked app that combines real-time simulation of gravity, climate, collisions and material interaction functions, allowing you to feel the magic of the universe and the fragility of our planet. Now supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch and Windows MR.
Game content:
Cosmic Sandbox², a cosmic simulator based on the laws of physics, allows you to create or destroy on a huge cosmic scale.
It can simulate gravity, planetary climate, celestial collisions, and the interaction of matter in real time. It can also make you feel the vastness and magnificence of the universe, and the fragility of our planet.
Cosmic Sandbox² includes desktop play mode and VR play mode. Now we can support three VR devices including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch and Windows MR.
Simulate cosmic gravity
Based on Newtonian mechanics, N-body simulation at any speed. It conforms to science, conforms to physics, and does not require supercomputers to operate.
Collision between celestial bodies
A spectacular and shocking collision on the planet level, leaving a huge molten impact crater.
Create your own solar system
Start with stars, then add planets, moons, planetary rings, comets, and even black holes.
Earth climate model
Due to the seasonal changes brought about by the tilt of the earth’s axis, the ice sheet will grow or fade accordingly. Change the tilt of the earth’s axis to change the climate, or keep the earth away from the sun to freeze the entire planet!
Detonate stars
Simulate the evolution of a star by setting the mass or age of the star, and then observe the explosion of a supernova.
Explore historic moments
Follow the Juno and New Horizons probes to explore our solar system, or watch a total solar eclipse on Earth.
Lose the planet in VR
Just drag the planet, and then throw it lightly~
there are more……
-Celestial material system-use hydrogen, iron, rock or water to create a planet;
-Solar flares & volatile wakes;
-Automatically generate stars or planets;

  • Pulsar;
    -Light distorted by black holes;
    -Dark matter.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Universe Sandbox

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