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Unfolder 1.10.4

Unfolder mac cracked app is a 3D model unfolding tool, Unfolder Mac You can import 3D models, and the software will easily split and join the patches according to your own algorithm or by clicking on the edges in the 2D view or 3D view. Then you can edit and reorganize the expanded parts, as well as switch, add, reshape and other operations as needed, and Unfolder can automatically detect and repair the flap problem, almost eliminating your manual editing requirements, very Easy to use.

Unfolder features:

1, split and joint patch

Even if the results of the automatic expansion are good in most cases, Unfolder still allows you to easily split and join the patches by clicking on the edges in the 2D view or 3D view.

2. Edit flaps

The expander provides you with tools to switch, add, remove, and reshape flaps. In addition, it can automatically detect and repair flap problems, almost eliminating the need for manual editing.


The expander allows you to customize the color, thickness, and dashed lines. You can control the appearance of the cutting line, ridge polyline and valley polyline separately.

3. Export

Do you want to print the template, edit the template in an external application or use a CNC machine to cut it. Expanding folders allows you to export in various formats for different purposes.

4. Work flow

Create 3D models in any 3D editor

Expand 3D model into 2D template in Unfolder

Print out the template and make a paper mold by cutting, folding and bonding

5. Import and export

Import 3D objects in OBJ format

One-click synchronization of 3D objects with Blender and Cinema 4D

Partially updated imported objects

Support materials and textures

Export templates in PDF, DXF, SVG or PNG format

Automatically expand

Generate a 2D patch for your 3D model in seconds

The algorithm is highly optimized for Papercraft to minimize the workload of further editing

6. Edit the patch

Move, rotate, align and distribute patches

Easily split and merge patches by clicking the edge in 2D view or 3D view

Automatically generate paper-saving layout

Highlight patches that overlap or overflow

Adjust the size of the paper mold by entering the desired size

Edit flaps

Click the flap or edge in the 2D view to easily switch, add or remove flaps

Adjust the shape of the flaps by intuitively dragging the handle or typing the angle and height precisely

Copy and paste the shape of the flap

Automatically detect and fix flap problems, such as overlap and overflow

Display flap target (the area where the flap should be pasted)

7. Styling

Customize the color, thickness and dotted line of the line

Control the appearance of cutting line, ridge polyline and valley polyline separately

Manually or automatically hide unnecessary lines

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later 64-bitMac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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