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TurboCAD Pro V12.0.0

TurboCAD Pro V12.0.0

TurboCAD Mac cracked version – TurboCAD is a universal The 2D/3D design tool allows you to easily share data in common file formats. TurboCAD Deluxe is a ready-made 2D drawing, 3D modeling and rendering Mac cracked app. Easily adjust the interface to access hundreds of drawing, modification, annotation and annotation tools. Render designs quickly for powerful presentations, share with AutoCAD, etc.

TurboCAD Mac cracked app function:

1. Availability:

Customizable functional area interface:

Users can now fully customize the ribbon interface. Now you can add and rename tools, groups and tabs. In addition, the tabs can be hidden or renamed, and manually created XML Config files can be imported directly into TurboCAD. The ribbon also fully supports UI themes.

2, 4K monitor support:

Thanks to the new scalable vector icons, TurboCAD is now fully optimized for 4K displays. With dynamic sliders, toolbar icons, other icons in the user interface and other parts of the UI, you can adjust the size to optimize readability on high-resolution displays.

3. Enhancement of named view:

New features have been added, users can now choose to associate layer sets with named views, which provides users with a better way to manage layer sets.

4. Two-dimensional drafting and editing:

5. Construct similar tools:

The tool takes attributes from the referenced object and applies it to the construction of the next object. This tool provides a quick and effective way to assign object attributes, such as line font, size style, and wall attributes, with one click.

6, PDF/insert/subscript:

The PDF reference map tool allows you to insert pages of a PDF file into the drawing to use as a reference layer or tracking layer. To be used as a tracking layer correctly, the file must be a vector PDF, not a bitmap PDF. As a vector file, you will be able to capture the endpoints and midpoints of the lines in the PDF reference map. The basemap is composed of two parts: basemap style and basemap insertion. Another tool “PDF Basemap to Object” allows you to convert a basemap into an editable object.

7. Delete overlapping entities:

The “Overkill” tool will remove overlapping lines, arcs, text, and dimensions, allowing you to simplify drawings by removing duplicate redundant entities. The event viewer shows the number of changed objects.

8. Select the hatch:

Pick point fills are now available for gaps in 2D objects. for example, when there are gaps in the polyline, try to fill the area bordered by the polyline. The improvements to picking points also apply to ADT objects (walls, doors and windows) so that the gaps between these objects can be filled similarly.

9. Corner size tool:

This “local menu” option allows the user to define the obtuse or acute angle size according to the angle of the vertex selected by the user on the 2D object, then define 2 additional points, and then define and display the size angle in turn.

10. 3D design and modeling:

11. Surface extrusion:

Users can now select flat 3D polylines or 3D curves for “surface” stretching tools (such as “rotate”). Moreover, 3D curves and curves (2D) are now separate tools.

12. Architectural design:

13. Architectural Desktop (ADT) Object:

Now, you can use the copy and linear array copy tools to use ADT objects completely and accurately. for example, “Array Fitting Linear” now considers all the attributes of the ADT object to be copied, including work planes, layers, materials, etc. Previously, this tool could only create one roof object. Now, multiple objects can be created. In addition, it greatly speeds up the overall processing speed of all ADT objects in the graphics (including the “House Wizard”).

14. Light perception rendering and visualization:

15, the new LightWorks? rendering engine and Sun and Sky Shader:

LightWorks rendering engine has been upgraded to v9.3. Correspondingly, new attributes “Sun Directory by Geographical Location” and “Directory by Geographical Location” have been added to the “Sky” and “Sun” shaders

16. RedSDK to LightWorks migration:

Images rendered by RedSDK can now be converted into images rendered by LightWorks more automatically, accurately and completely.

17. Interoperability:

18, AutoCAD 2019 compatibility:

TurboCAD 2019 now fully supports AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF file formats.

19. STL filter-3D printing inspection:

A 3D printing check option has been added when exporting STL files. The tool checks the parts for common topological errors, such as non-manifold edges, repeated and collapsed faces, open edges, shells, etc. The “Print Check” tool also displays geometric information such as extent, number of facets/vertices, area and volume.

20, FBX filter:

File format for exporting 3D animation Mac cracked app (such as 3DS, Maya). MotionBuilder and Mudbox. TurboCAD now supports FBX filter material and texture import/export.


Mac cracked app screenshot:


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