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Tower Pro V5.1

Tower Pro V5.1

Tower pro cracked The Mac version is a development software on the MAC OS platform. Using a GIT client allows developers to better manage GIF tools, making work faster and better.

Function introduction:

Git (gnu interactive tools) is a version control tool developed by the Linux kernel. It uses a distributed version library without server-side software support, making source code release and communication extremely convenient.

Git ’s most outstanding feature is its merge tracking ability, which is simple, efficient and powerful. But it may be difficult to control all Git at the same time, then you can try Tower, it can help you.

Software screenshot:

Tower Pro

Note: “Prompt for damage …” appears, it has been operated and cannot be opened. Please “Disable Sip”

VersionsUpdate timeDownload
V5.0.240 CR208/07/2020Google
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