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TimeMachineEditor V5.0.9

TimeMachineEditor mac cracked app – is a tool that can help We set up a custom TimeMachine backup time auxiliary tool. The software provides us with three backup solutions. The first “When inactive” is when the machine is idle, it will back up itself; the second “Interval” is the time interval. The unit is in hours; the third type of “Calendar Intervals” is the time setting. You can set which day and when to back up, and you can also set up when to back up every week, which is very flexible.

TimeMachineEditor function:

1. It’s very easy to use. You can choose the Interval method, and you can set the backup every N hours; you can also choose the Calendar Interval method, such as when every day, every week What’s the day of the month. But this setting is not enough. You must first turn off Time Machine’s automatic backup and turn on its own switch to take effect.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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