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Textual 7.2.1 fix

Textual mac cracked app – IRC Client for Mac is a version for Mac OS The user-designed simple IRC web chat client, IRC Client Mac version is simple to use and easy to use. The Mac version of IRC Client also supports script processing, so both novices and experts can use Textual for RIC chat.

Textual Function introduction:

iCloud shares all your devices.

Local full screen support.

Multi-encoding support.

Rich keyboard shortcuts.

Elegant design, optional dark user interface.

Customize the style created by the community.

Roar and native notification center support.

Bold, colored, italic and underlined text format.

Auto-completed nicknames, commands, and channels.

The address book tracks friends online and offline.

Powerful, customizable, rule-based mismatch.

Inline media embedding. (Display chat embedded in image.)

The inline nickname is colored.

Support the new ircv3 standard.

Full, local support for IPv6 users.

SSL support and verification.

Client certificate authentication.

Shenzhen ZNC integrated power users.

Direct customer (DCC) file transfer support.

Simple authentication and security layer (SASL) support.

Sock4 and sock5 proxy support (with or without SSL)

Blowfish encrypted automatic key exchange.

The extension is written in AppleScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, and Objective-C using scripts.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:


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All Mac cracked apps and Mac cracked games are for testing, educational and uncommercial purposes so just remember to support good software developer’s by buying their softwares after trying it.

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