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Textbundle Editor V1.0.1

Textbundle Editor V1.0.1

Textbundle Editor Mac cracked version – is a text editing Mac cracked app that downloads to better help users work conveniently. With Textbundle Editor, you can quickly and easily open, edit and create new Textbundle files and Textpack files, greatly improving office efficiency

Mac cracked app function:

  1. Customize your editor

The appearance of the text editor is entirely up to you. With Textbundle Editor, you can freely set the font, font size, font color and background color of the text editor according to your preferences.

  1. Assets

The special features of Textbundle and Textpack files, including “assets” (any type of file), are supported locally. Therefore, you can easily and easily add assets to Textbundle and Textpack files, and you can also delete assets from files.

  1. Comprehensive information

for each file, you can display an information overview that contains the most important detailed information for each file. In addition to the creation date and modification date, you can also outline the file size and the counter of the current file’s characters, words and lines.

  1. Markup Language

Textbundle files usually provide the markup language defined in the Textbundle file. In the information overview of the current file, you can choose to set the file to one of the following markup languages: Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, HTML, BBCode, Smark

  1. Dark Mode

The Textbundle editor provides a dark mode that can be activated individually at any time in the program itself. This provides a dark mode for Textbundle Editor in all macOS versions supported by Textbundle Editor.

  1. Customizable toolbar

You can also customize the appearance of the toolbar to suit your preferences.

  1. General macOS function

Of course, the Textbundle Editor provides all other features required by macOS programs, such as full screen mode, spell checker, merge all Windows, etc.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Textbundle Editor

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