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SUPERHOT 1.0.17f

SUPERHOT mac cracked app – boldly blurs the line between strategy and shooters. This is an action movie with hurricane gunfights and an unexpected twist: time moves here when and only when you move. No health regeneration. No ammo boxes scattered here and there. Only you, superior enemy forces and a viscous slow-time jelly, through which you will have to fight your way to victory.


The unusual graphic style makes SUPERHOT different from other shooters. Austerity and minimalism are the best way to help you focus on the main thing: on graceful and furious firefights, on the bewitching beauty of the flight of lead and the feast of destruction.

Thirty months of development. Thousands of man-hours. SUPERHOT has gone from being humble in a high-speed development contest to the resounding success of its Kickstarter campaign to recognition and numerous awards from industry experts. This game is a love child (of games!) From a team of independent developers and their dedicated fans around the world.

Endless Mode – Enemies advance wave after wave: how long can you survive?

Competition mode – bite into SUPERHOT with a stranglehold: no reboots, time limits or other difficulties.

Replay Editor – Edit and share your best shootouts on

Bonuses – take your mind off the gunfire: additional content, mini-games, and more!

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