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Super PhotoCut Pro

Super PhotoCut Pro V2.8.2

Super PhotoCut pro mac cracked app – Super PhotoCut Pro is good at removing with minimal difficulty A complicated background, one minute cutout is not a myth. If you love taking pictures but are not proficient in Photoshop retouching, it is time to say goodbye to the cumbersome professional graphics editor lasso and magic wand tool. Super PhotoCut Pro -The best technology can be so willful. No foundation required: intuitive interface, simple operation, better use than similar software, and more detailed effects. Everyone can get started easily, and never ask others for making pictures.

Super PhotoCut Pro introduction:

1. Two cutout methods are supported: quick cutout and delicate cutout. Quickly and accurately remove the background from the picture.

2. Support almost all image formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF …

3. Separate the foreground from the background of the picture and preview the processing effect in real time.

4. The stroke size is automatically adjusted according to the scale of the picture.

5. Support transparent area processing. Export transparent PNG images.

6, 20 background switching effects are available: disc blur, Gaussian blur, box blur, motion blur, zoom blur, color control, exposure adjustment, gamma adjustment, hue adjustment, natural saturation, color inversion, Color tone separation, Chrome, fade in and out, Instant, monotone, Process, phantom, sepia tone, vignetting, vignetting effect, bump deformation.

7. Import your favorite picture as the background of the current picture.

8. Get a picture with a single color background or a transparent background.

9. Remove image watermark.

10. Handle complex and detailed parts of pictures, such as hair, smoke, glass, shadows, etc. simply and quickly.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Super PhotoCut Pro

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