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Studies 1.8.4

Studies mac cracked app – Studies is a tool to help you achieve your learning goals s application. Research (mental case) is a flashcard application for serious students, available in Mac, iPhone and iPad versions. This is a tool for expanding knowledge, starting with simple daily tidbits, no matter what you want to learn-medicine, law, history, driving, aviation, fine arts, music or martial arts-it doesn’t matter.

Studies Function introduction:

Study notes – Research allows you to convert the information you need to study into study notes, similar to traditional flashcards, but more powerful. Annotations can contain any number of edges, and each edge can contain text, images, audio, or even video. You can create your own, or download the shared set from

Because of learning – Research includes a science-based learning plan designed to make the time you spend studying as efficient as possible. Set a schedule based on your goals. From long-term study to filling in the exam, the study will automatically record daily study records.

Learning courses – once you have prepared a set of notes, you can learn them in a beautiful learning course, which can reduce learning. As you rate yourself, research will ensure that those you are not familiar with will be reproduced more frequently in future courses.

Statistics – everything you research is tracked by the research. This information is used to arrange notes for future research, but also provides statistics and predictions about your knowledge of the material. Not only can you view the number of notes you rated right or wrong, but also the length of time you will remember what you have learned.

Selective synchronization with iCloud – many of us now carry multiple Apple devices, and storing your data on one device is a resistance. Research includes iCloud synchronization using Apple’s latest CloudKit technology. Add notes on your desktop Mac, and when you learn them later, they will appear on your iPhone or iPad. Even your study courses will be synchronized, so you can start on one device and then finish on another device. You can even choose what to sync.

Share-There are many different file formats for research, and you can share your study notes with others. You can export the archive of Studies (or Mental Case) that can be imported to other devices. You can also import and export standard text formats supported by many flash card websites, such as CSV and TSV.

Psychological case transfer – Research is the next generation of applied psychological cases. If you use Mental Case on a Mac or iOS device, you can migrate all data (including research history and schedule) to “Study” on first launch. You should even find that your data takes up much less space in research than in Mental Case.

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