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Strongspace Mac cracked version is a version that runs on MacOS Online storage and collaboration Mac cracked app on the platform. It can better protect everyone’s data files by encrypting and offloading data to horizontally extended object storage.

Mac cracked app function:

1. Design goals

Strongspace aims to ensure safety, reliability, easy maintenance and upgrades. It aims to achieve high performance with lower resource requirements, allowing you to scale to thousands of users without the need for a large amount of infrastructure.

2. Cloud native deployment

Strongspace is a fully containerized application. This means that everything that runs in a Docker container is delivered by us as part of the deployment. It packs all dependencies to provide you with a consistent and reliable way to run Strongspace deployments. We chose to use Kubernetes as our business process and container management solution.

3, encrypted object storage

Strongspace aims to expand to any capacity required by the organization by encrypting and offloading data to scale-out object storage (such as Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage or any other S3-compatible object storage) .

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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