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Start 5.3

start mac cracked app – is a unique launcher for macOS, which enables you to open applications, documents or folders quickly and easily. Create cleanliness in the Dock, and then use the smart launcher application to the project. supports your projects through a well-planned organizational system, and quickly accesses the content you need to support you and your workflow.

Start Features:

Macos missing start menu

If macos’ launchpad is too large and confusing, launching is the right choice. It is the menu of maces, which allows you to quickly find and build programs.

Divide applications into categories

From the beginning, you can categorize applications. Therefore, you do not have to search for the correct application

Several categories per application, you can easily assign applications to multiple categories

Categorize applications, directories and files

You can also assign directories and files to categories. For example, if you are currently working on a project, you only need to assign the category to the necessary folders. Once the files and programs have been selected, you will be able to access the category later.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:


All Mac cracked apps and Mac cracked games are for testing, educational and uncommercial purposes so just remember to support mac app developers by buying their mac apps or games after trying it.

Remember!! To resolve Gatekeeper issues on macOS ( FIX DAMAGED APP MESSAGE ), consider reading this post. If this download link is broken or deleted some how, please request links update. You can also request the mac cracked apps or games we have not released yet.

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