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StarCrawlers V1.1.4.1(38046)

StarCrawlers V1.1.4.1(38046)

StarCrawlers – Build adventurer crews on the edge of space and work for large companies, including bounty hunters, vandals, and commercial spies. If you can successfully survive in the complex politics of wealth and power concentration, you have the opportunity to enjoy your hard-earned gains. You are a crawler, which means your job is profitable. Can engage in asset recovery, commercial espionage and other sabotage activities. Of course, players can also upgrade and strengthen their weapons for their characters to enhance their combat effectiveness.

Game content:

◎ Innovative turn-based combat system of time unit.

◎ Procedural dungeons and events create endless playability.

◎ Choose your allies and enemies wisely. Your choice will change the course of the story.

◎ The character has eight levels, including different combat and exploration abilities.

◎ Randomly generated weapons, armor and equipment, and can be upgraded and improved.

◎ The difficulty curve is reasonable, and you can choose to die permanently.

Game screenshot:

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