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SSDReporter V1.5.7 (1453)

SSDReporter V1.5.7 (1453)

SSDReporter Mac cracked version – is a check for internal solid state drive (“SSD” Another “flash memory”) health application. Due to the limited life cycle of SSDs changing the number of write operations, it has led to pay attention to the status of SSDs. Whenever the SSD’s health status drops and/or the health status falls below the “Warning” or “Error DiskWarrior” threshold, you can be alerted via email or screen. The current state of the Paragon Hard Disk Manager of SSD solid state drives is also easy to identify, because through the decline in SSD health, SSDReporter can change its icon (replaced in the menu item) from green to yellow (warning threshold), and finally change it to red (Error threshold).

Function introduction:

Limitations and compatibility

Only supports the “built-in DiskWarrior” SSD. Disks connected via USB and FireWire can be used with SSDReporter without Paragon Hard Disk Manager.

If the chassis is compatible with SMART, SSDs connected with eSATA and ThunderBolt may work.

Some SSDs do not support SMART completely or incompletely, so they are not applicable to SSDReporter:

In early 2015 and early 2016, the built-in SSD of MacBook 12 is not compatible

The solid-state drive built into the MacBook Pro (TouchBar) at the end of 2016 is not compatible

A few 2013 and 2014 MacBook Air models contain incompatible’TOSHIBA’ SSD (APPLE SSD TS0128F / TS0256F)

“SEAGATE 600 SSD series” is not compatible

Most “Micron” and “Key” SSDs are not compatible

Some’OCZ’ SSDs including ONYX, AGILITY4, VECTOR and VERTEX3/4/450/460, but not including TRION incompatibility

Most’OWC’ SSDs including MERCURY ELECTRA and “Aura SSD for Mac Pro” are not compatible

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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