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As a high-quality platform for downloading Mac cracked app resources, macOS Crack has been continually optimizing and perfecting services, resources and functions. In order to maintain the website, we have launched a membership service for only 13USD per year! (other currencies are also accepted e.g. 400TWD/100HKD/90RMB )

*We also accept any amount of donation and cloud storage sponsor.

Membership features:

• Unlimited download!
• Super fast download speed!
• No region limits at all, even in China!
• Direct contact on WhatsApp, Line or Wechat, if you have any problems, you can contact us directly!

for creating a good membership system, please protect your personal rights and do not share or transfer member accounts and passwords.

Thank you again for your cooperation and support!

Payment method :

*If you need other payment methods, please contact us.

Sponsor payment process:

1. Press here and select the corresponding amount from Paypal to sponsor.

2.After sponsoring, please send a screenshot of your payment to:

3.After receiving the email, we will reply as soon as possible and send the registration method to your email.

Lastly thank you for your generosity 🙂

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