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Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings V0.0

Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings V0.0

Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings Mac cracked version – Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings Spitfire Audio and Hans Zimmer have had many fruitful collaborations in the past and announced their most ambitious projects. Although the previous Spitfire instrument at the helm of Zimmer focused on the famous composer’s iconic percussion and piano sounds, this latest achievement is a symphonic string library called Hans Zimmer Strings.

The name is low-key but the sound is pretty good. Spitfire stated that-Zimmer is called the “Godfather of Symphony Sampling”-not without reason-and has never been afraid of the word “big”. This sound library promises to provide symphonic strings on an unprecedented scale. According to Spitfire-the largest symphony in history-recorded by 344 musicians in AIR Studios-he can allow composers to conduct a virtual orchestra that cannot be formed in real life. A photo released by Spitfire shows the scene of more than 50 cello players playing in the entire hall, which gives us an idea of ​​the scale of this!

Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings Mac cracked app function:

1. From the thunderous bass melody to the sweaty, high-pitched notes, it seems that Hans Zimmer Strings will have shocking and awe-inspiring effects and new dynamics like his own influence.

2. for those who are new to the world of orchestral sound library, Hans Zimmer Strings has its own VST/AU/AAX plug-in, which means you don’t need to have the Kontakt or Kontakt Player of Native Instruments. Use directly.

3. The British company also introduced Ustwo (responsible for designing the award-winning mobile game “Monument Valley” and Headspace meditation application) design studio Ustwo to assist in the design of the interface.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings

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