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SmartSVN V11.0.4

SmartSVN mac cracked app – is a fully functional SVN client that can run on Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix and Windows (written in Java). In addition to basic Subversion commands such as checkout, update, commit, merge, it also supports tag and branch processing (no need to deal with URLs), has built-in comparison and conflict resolution tools, and can handle SVN working copies without installing other tools. Its biggest advantage is that the operation is very simple and convenient, many operations can be completed by clicking the mouse.

SmartSVN function:

  1. Full Subversion 1.11 support
  2. Incoming and outgoing change marking
  3. Revised drawing
  4. Windows Explorer integration
  5. File comparison
  6. Attribute support
  7. Transaction view
  8. Strong commitment

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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