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SMART Utility

SMART Utility V3.2.6

SMART Utility mac cracked app – is a disk diagnostic tool on Mac, which can automatically detect the status and error of the disk, analyze and provide error reports, and let the user clearly know the status of his disk with an intuitive interface. It supports ordinary hard disk drives HDD and solid state drive SSD , Can display detailed disk information, including drive model, capacity, boot time, temperature, error number and so on!

SMART Utility Features:

SMART Utility is an application program for scanning the internal hardware diagnostic system of the hard disk. Smart (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a system produced by the manufacturer for reporting various measurements (called attributes) of the hard drive. These attributes can be used to detect whether the hard disk has mechanical or electrical problems, and can indicate when the hard disk dies. This allows time to back up hopefully and then replace the drive.

Run once a week or more to ensure that your HD and your data are available!

Note: The demo program runs for 30 days or 15 times, no matter which time is longer.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

SMART Utility

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