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Slidepad V1.0 (1.0.36)

Slidepad V1.0 (1.0.36)

Slidepad Mac cracked version – is on the Mac platform An office efficiency application. Slidepad Mac version can set up a side window on your Mac computer, similar to the function of iPad, where you can place your favorite web applications and websites.

Function introduction:

Slidepad for Mac can make multitasking easier. It is inspired by the iPad and allows you to open a sliding window for easy access to websites and web applications. Slidepad Mac version is very useful. You can add any number of web applications or websites in the sidebar, and then switch between them with just one click. It even supports notifications and allows you to define sound settings for each application or website.

After installing Slidepad for Mac, just move the cursor to the right edge of the screen. The sidebar should pop up, and then disappear when you click elsewhere. It can also be activated via keyboard shortcuts or menu bar icons. When setting up hotkeys, you can use almost any combination of keys and modifiers, just remember to press Enter after selecting them to save your selection.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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