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SizeMyPics V1.6.1

SizeMyPics V1.6.1

SizeMyPics cracked For Mac is a practical Mac image batch processing tool. It can help users perform batch image format and size conversion.

Software function:

  1. You can use the following options to manipulate the image size:
  2. Reduce the size to fit the defined size by observing the aspect ratio-by following the aspect ratio
  3. Expand to fit the defined size-by respecting the aspect ratio
  4. Shrink or enlarge to fit the defined size
  5. Ignore the size and reduce it to a precise defined size. Any aspect ratio
  6. Ignore any aspect ratio and enlarge to a precisely defined size
  7. Reduce or enlarge to a precisely defined size, ignoring any aspect ratio
  8. Adjust to aspect ratio

(Aspect ratio)-adjust to aspect ratio (aspect ratio)

  1. Cropped to fit precise size
  2. Crop to height

11.Crop to width

  1. Adjust the height, crop width and fill color if necessary
  2. Adjust the width, cutting height and pad, use color if necessary
  3. Adjust the size proportionally to define the percentage value
  4. Change the DPI resolution

Software screenshot:


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