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Shortcut Bar V1.8.26

Shortcut Bar V1.8.26

Shortcut Bar Mac cracked version – Shortcut Bar is a very useful file Quick access to the folder and file menu bar, you can customize any directory and file, and then quickly open it in the menu bar, easy to use, very good!

Shortcut Bar Function introduction:

1, Features:

Add as many files, folders and applications as you want instant access.

Sorting files and folders into groups with titles makes it easier to find the shortcut you are looking for.

Folders and files are presented with their own icons.

Choose whether to click the shortcut to open it in the Finder or open the project itself.

Choose whether to start at login.

2, Benefits:

Super fast access to any files/folders/applications you want.

In the Finder, don’t drag your feet to find what you are looking for, and use it often.

Save time and increase productivity.

We work hard to provide our users with a good shortcut. We hope to hear your thoughts via email and make any improvements to future versions of this app. We hope to have an active development cycle, driven by your feedback and support!


Mac cracked app screenshot:

Shortcut Bar

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