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Reveal V24(12917)

Reveal V24(12917)

Reveal Mac cracked version – is a developer debugging IOS application on the Mac os platform Mac development Mac cracked app, reveal Mac version, it can debug and modify iOS applications at runtime. Reveal can connect to the application and allows developers to edit various user interface parameters, which in turn will be immediately reflected in the UI of the application.

Function introduction:

Reveal is an application that runs on Mac OS. There is now a free beta version available for download. To debug an iOS application, the developer must associate the application with the framework layer installed by Reveal. Reveal will scan the associated applications in its network and let the developer choose to connect to one of them. When connected to an application, Reveal will display its UI, which includes a large number of parameters and settings. Developers can now check the UI or change the settings until the appearance and behavior of the user interface meet the desired goals. Currently it does not support layout constraints, but according to Reveal’s support document, this feature will be released in a future version. Reveal can be used with the iOS simulator or in applications running on a real device. In addition, the installation of Reveal only takes a few minutes.

In addition to analyzing the UI parameters, Reveal will also display the complex UI hierarchy through a decomposed 3D view. Developers can easily check the hierarchy of UI components and select specific elements in its hierarchy. To further simplify debugging, you can also focus on only part of the UI and shield the rest.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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