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rekordbox V5.8.5.0001

rekordbox mac cracked app – is a professional DJ music management application for managing music files played on Pioneer DJ players (ie CDJ-2000, CDJ-900). It can be used to classify and search for music files saved on a computer, and create playlists for DJ performances, enabling you to detect, measure, and adjust the beat, tempo, and other elements of music files before playing.

rekordbox function:

  1. Improved basic performance, supporting agile and stable DJ performance
  2. Improvements in song loading, high DJ performance response performance and browsing scrolling performance make operation more intuitive and comfortable.
  3. By optimizing the details, the popular high-quality sound design is maintained, while the stability is improved.
  4. Music analysis capability with higher accuracy
  5. By adding an algorithm that determines the characteristics of music to the music analysis section that has been highly evaluated in the past, each rhythm pattern of music can be analyzed with high accuracy and the beat position can be detected. Improved.
  6. USB/SD export function for further development
  7. The traditional export function has been developed. In addition to being able to load into multiplayer games, you can also play DJs by simply connecting the built-in USB device/SD memory card to your friend’s house (eg PC/Mac). In addition, if your PC/Mac is lost or damaged, you can use the exported USB device/SD memory card to restore the repository.
  8. GUI for easy viewing of necessary information
  9. “Rekordbox™” simplifies the GUI and arranges information by grouping the GUI to ensure high visibility, while allowing DJs to instantly grasp various information, such as song information and performance status. I will.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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