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Red Giant Shooter Suite V13.1.4

Red Giant Shooter Suite V13.1.4

Red Giant Shooter Suite cracked Mac cracked version is a set of Red Giant film and television post-repair plug-in set containing 4 post-repair tools, namely Shooter PluralEyes, Shooter Offload, Shooter Instant 4K and Shooter Frames. It mainly supports AE, PR, VEGAS, AVID, etc. Mac cracked app. A very good plug-in package can save your later workflow and solve a variety of later solutions.


Audio/video synchronization

Shooter Suite includes Shooter PluralEyes, which is a standalone application that provides the most accurate A/V synchronization for any non-linear editor. PluralEyes can synchronize audio and multi-camera video with a single button in seconds. Although it works with many NLEs, PluralEyes can also be synced directly in Adobe Premiere Pro, so you never have to leave the application.

Material backup

Use Shooter Offload to easily and reliably back up your footage on site, this is an independent application that can handle almost all types of camera cards and file formats. With two redundancy options and comparing the copied files with the original files, uninstallation gives you complete peace of mind to back up and verify the complete copy.

Up-conversion and de-interlacing

Mixing old footage with modern video formats on the same timeline may reduce your speed and make your work look less good. Shooter Instant 4K can up-convert videos to 4K resolution, which is better than the zoom tool in NLE. Shooting frames can deinterlace your old material, smooth and remove artifacts, and convert it to 24P.

Contains plugins:

[Shooter PluralEyes]

Use Shooter PluralEyes to synchronize audio and video in seconds. No partition or time code is required. Provide the most accurate A/V synchronization for any NLE. Just touch a button to sync audio and video, and sync directly in Adobe Premiere Pro.

[Shooter Offload]

Use Shooter Suite’s Offload to easily and reliably back up your footage on site. It is easy to use, ensures your files are safe, and works with almost all cameras, cards and formats. Uninstalling compares your backup with the original backup to verify the complete copy.

[Shooter Instant 4K]

Use Instant 4K to upconvert video to 4K resolution and other high-resolution formats. Get better results than the extension tools provided by the host application. Using simple resolution presets, you can easily convert up. Instant 4K is 400% faster than Instant HD.

[Shooter Frames]

Deinterlace your old material and use Red Giant Frames to convert it to 24P. The fast mixing algorithm provides you with fast results, and the high-quality motion adaptive algorithm can achieve intelligent smoothing. Frames allow you to remove artifacts and repair missing color information in DV and HDV material.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Red Giant Shooter Suite

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