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ReadKit V2.7.4

ReadKit V2.7.4

Readkit cracked for mac – is on the Mac os platform A one-stop reader, Readkit for mac not only supports free RSS service providers such as Feedly, but also supports paid services such as NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler and Feedbin. As a one-stop reading experience, the built-in RSS function is naturally indispensable. Finally, ReadKit also supports various read-after services.

ReadKit introduction:

ReadKit requires users to log in to their own service account. The app currently supports all well-known read-after and RSS services, like those mentioned above. In addition, it also supports bookmark services such as Delicious and Pinboard. For ordinary users In general, ReadKit can already meet the needs of reading. The connection account interface will perform different operations depending on the service. Some can directly enter the account number and password, while others need to log in to the web page and authorize, but the overall process is very simple and not difficult.

After logging in to an account, the contents of the account will automatically start to synchronize. The toolbar on the left side of the application will be classified according to the type of service. For example, Pocket will read the service later and it can be classified according to articles, videos, and pictures.

The RSS service Feedly can be divided according to the folder set by the user. Whether it is RSS or read it later, the style of the article list is basically the same, mainly including the article link, time, name and excerpt, divided according to the time. The function keys at the bottom of the application include refresh, label, mark as read and search, etc. The interface design of ReadKit is somewhat similar to Reeder, except that it supports more accounts, but the fluency is slightly worse.

Click on any article to see the detailed content of the article on the far right. For services like Pocket, the details are processed and look very neat. For some RSS resources, the detailed content may not be displayed in full. At this time, we can click the sofa icon in the upper right corner, which is Readability to optimize the article. If you still can not achieve the best results, you can directly click to view in the built-in web browser of ReadKit.
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Mac cracked apps screenshot:

ReadKit V2.7.4


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