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Project Hospital V1.2.21620 (42108)

Project Hospital V1.2.21620 (42108)

Project Hospital Mac cracked version – Project Hospital is produced by independent studio Oxymoron Games. The game can be seen as a spiritual sequel to the classic game “Theme Hospital”.

Game content:

The game draws on the excellence of the theme hospital in its gameplay.

You need to plan and operate your own hospital, provide better services for patients, expand your visibility, increase overall income, and purchase advanced equipment in real time.

Players can play different roles in the game, not just limited to doctors. You can act as a doctor, you need to care about the physical condition of the patients you are responsible for and provide them with the best treatment plan. You can also act as an architect, responsible for the construction of hospital houses, plan the location of different buildings, costs, construction time, etc.

Game screenshot:

Project Hospital

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