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Pro Mouse V1.10

Pro Mouse V1.10

Pro Mouse For Mac is an attendance like a professional! Let your audience pay attention to every click you make. Use it to draw anytime, anywhere, highlighting important content. Just click a button to clear the graph. Using real-time tracking zoom and Searchlight, you can even emphasize specific areas on the screen on the video!

Software features:

  1. Customize the color, size and thickness of the mouse halo.
  2. Draw anywhere on the screen.
  3. Zoom in on the smallest details.
  4. Highlight part of the screen and focus on the most important part of SEARCHLIGHT.
  5. Customize the color and thickness of the pen.
  6. “We do not collect and / or store your data.”-Our one-word privacy policy!
  7. Set hotkeys to enable certain Pro Mouse functions.
  8. Automatically hide the halo option after inactivity.
  9. Automatically clear graphics options.
  10. Quickly enable / disable Pro Mouse directly from the status bar.
  11. Can work across full-screen applications and multiple monitors.
  12. Can be used in conjunction with teleconferencing software such as Zoom and Google Hangout.
  13. Use with screen capture applications.


Pro Mouse
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