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Prizmo Pro V4.0.4

Prizmo Pro V4.0.4

Prizmo pro Mac cracked version is Mac os A Mac Mac cracked app on the platform that helps users scan files, Prizmo for mac is a digital camera application that scans files. From now on, if you can bring some pictures of your camera, you don’t need to buy another scanner. Save some space and money, instead use Prizmo to scan your files.

Function introduction:

1. Since Prizmo corrects lens distortion and viewpoint, you can scan almost everything:

2. Common documents (invoices, receipts) and less commonly used documents (boards, giant advertisements);

3. Documents of various scales (such as American regular letter, American law, and custom format)* files;

4. Vertical and horizontal documents;

5. Indoor and outdoor photos.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Prizmo Pro

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