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Prison Architect V2819 1.0(38248)

Prison Architect V2819 1.0(38248)

Prison Architect For Mac is a Can build and manage the largest security prison.

Game content:

Establish and manage the highest security prison. When the sun puts it in the morning light of beautiful rural areas, the clock starts to tick. You must crack and build a control cell to detain the work of the most secure prisoners who are serving your future prison on the yellow bus. When your workers lie on the last brick, you have no time for them to rest, because they need to start the first appropriate cell so that you can make room for the entrance of the next prisoner. Once they all have a place to get rid of their tired heads, the fun can really begin.

You need a cafeteria, an infirmary, and a guard room. Oh, do n’t forget to detect in the toilet, otherwise things will get messy, but what about the exercise area? Or is it a separate cell? Or the execution room?

Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Theme Hospital, with over 1 million players spending time to enter, Prison Architect is the best lock-in game in the world.

Story mode

The prison architect starts with Edward ’s story. Edward is a man who committed a passion crime in the face of an electric chair. The next four chapters focus on different characteristics and aspects of prison life. From Mafia Dons to power fanatic senators, Prison Architect has everyone! To bring these characters to life, Introversion collaborated with award-winning professional writer Chris Hastings to create a fascinating story of corruption and human suffering in the context of the modern prison industrial complex .

Escape mode

Complete your supermax? There are guard dogs in every corridor, and the prisoner eats from you? Now you can live horror by activating the escape mode and play a stubborn hell to avoid dodge.

Dig a tunnel, go to the armory or start a riot, and slip away in the chaos, it is entirely up to you! Figure out how to escape your own creation, or click a random button and load one of the 12,000 prisons created by the community.

Game screenshot: (How to set Chinese: Click the esc button while running the game, the following screen appears, press the arrow to operate)

Prison Architect
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V2819 1.0(38248)17/05/2020Google
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