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Power Manager V5.4.9

Power Manager V5.4.9

Power Manager cracked is the leading energy saving for macOS and iOS And automation solutions. Power Manager can reduce the energy cost of computers. Power Manager allows you to automate complex tasks and improve the power management of your Mac.

Function introduction:


Power Manager provides a complete AppleScript dictionary for scripting. Power Manager can also execute AppleScript as part of the event.


Automator operation with standard configuration. Automated program workflow can be executed as part of the event.

Command line

Our pmctl tool has full control of Power Manager. With the release of command line settings, the graphical user interface will be synchronized and updated immediately.

Developer tools

Through the Power Manager framework, it can be easily integrated with other tools. You can even create your own interface or tool.


Use your iOS device to connect and manage the power manager. The power manager remote control works over cellular or WiFi networks.

Graphical interface

Create events and plans without writing configuration files or using the command line. The command line is available but optional.


Make sure your activity gets the attention of users. Unfinished activities are counted down in the menu. Notifications provide sufficient warnings to give users the opportunity to prepare or respond.

Status menu

Use the status menu to track your schedule. Implementation, pending and on-demand events are always close.

Program assistant

Use Schedule Assistant’s task-oriented approach to quickly create events.

Event editor

Use the advanced editor to build events. Use Schedule Assistant to create, and then use the event editor to customize.

Multi-user savvy

The power manager is centered around the computer. Multiple users can log in and log in without affecting your schedule. It works even if no one is logged in.


Power Manager is integrated into the macOS authentication and authorization infrastructure. By default, only administrators can create or change schedules.

Safety network

Power Manager supports IPv4 and IPv6 for all network traffic encrypted with SSL / TLS. Bonjour support makes remote access easy.


Need inspiration? Over 85 recipes provide step-by-step instructions to create events and perform more operations through Power Manager.


All aspects of Power Manger include comprehensive documentation. Over 30,000 words to learn and use the insight and guidance of Power Manager.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Power Manager

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