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Poly Bridge 2 V1.01

Poly Bridge 2 V1.01

Poly Bridge” cracked is a simulation game produced and released by Dry Cactus. Now, unleash your creativity and build an unprecedented bridge! Solve puzzles in physics-based games and create your own bridge design puzzles. In the game “Poly Bridge”, you will use different building blocks to build a bridge, and test the load of the bridge under strict physical conditions. With the deepening of the game, players will have more and more resources available, but they will also face more and more challenges.

Game content:

Give full play to your creativity as an engineer. The new bridge-building simulator in the game is very attractive, and is equipped with complete functions.

You will experience the fun of solving physics problems during the level, and you can even switch to sandbox mode to create your own bridge design and level!

100+ game levels

In solving various levels, you will enjoy the endless fun of building bridges. From simple and lightweight bridges to multi-level opening and closing bridges, and even more jumping styles, here are just a few examples! For engineers, the difficulty of checkpoints is increasing, and the resources required to build bridges will also be more restricted.

Sand table mode

How can a great bridge-building game lack a powerful sandbox? Come and play to create an unprecedented complex bridge, or skillfully push the game structure in a new direction. If you want, you can also upload the level you designed to the creative room for everyone to get through!

Creative room assistant

A large number of extra levels can be downloaded in the Steam creative room! We are also picking the most original and fun designs in the uploaded works to make it easier for players to discover these challenging levels.

Playback sharing

This is one of our favorite game features! In your successful or failed bridge-building game, you can intercept the coolest and most vivid GIF images, and then save them locally and upload them to the Poly Bridge Online Showroom, or share them on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr, etc. Need to quit the game!

Advanced technology

Use your brain to use advanced construction and level design tools in the game, such as:

-Advanced hydraulic rod

-Multi-stage hydraulic controller (controls when a certain hydraulic piston is activated)

-Node-based event system

-Various checkpoints

-Copy or paste tool

-Line drawing tool (draw a perfect arc or line and fill it with the selected material)

-Other more. . . . . .

Game screenshot:

Poly Bridge

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