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PlainPad V1.0.1

PlainPad V1.0.1

PlainPad Mac cracked version – is a plain text file editor. Has a clean interface. With its extensive default settings, it provides countless options to customize the writing environment according to your own needs and preferences.

Mac cracked app function:

  1. Customizable editor

PlainPad provides a wide range of preferences for the editor. In addition to the font type, size, color and background color, you can also set the font color and background color of the selected text. In addition, there are some settings that can be used to change the spacing between lines and edges, as well as special areas for adjusting the cursor. Therefore, the appearance of the text can be adjusted to your liking.

PlainPad supports the full screen mode of macOS.

In order not to edit the text on the entire width and height of the screen, you can adjust the working area through preferences to create a comfortable writing environment. Vollbildmodus von macOS.

  1. Text encoding and storage

PlainPad can handle a variety of text encodings, and can specifically set which encoding should be used when opening, saving and creating files.

In addition, you can also specifically set the behavior of the program when saving. can be adjusted according to your own preferences, whether you want to use a version or an earlier save type, or whether you want to view the save dialog when closing a document with changes.

  1. Always at the forefront

When working in other programs, does the document always disappear behind other windows? With the activated “always on top” function, the document is always accessible.

Using PlainPad, you can easily remove styles and formatting from text.

Existing text documents with formatting can be easily imported into PlainPad. Remove all formatting so that only plain text remains. supports importing the following known formats: txt, rtf, rtfd, html, doc, docx, odt, wordml, webarchive.

  1. Other features

Open text documents regardless of file extension

can open all simple text files without any problem, for example, files with extensions css, csv, h, html, m, md, markdown, php, txt, swift, xml, etc.

  1. Count

automatically counts the number of characters, words and lines.

  1. Use the Dock to open the document

PlainPad supports quickly opening files through the Dock. Just drag the required file onto the Dock icon of the PlainPad to open the corresponding file.

  1. Print

can also print text and provide information for printing a single set of preferences. You can adjust the font type and size as well as the margins of the edges and the spacing between lines for printing.

  1. Dark mode

for macOS 10.14 or later, the appearance is specified by the operating system itself. If necessary, older macOS versions can be changed to a dark appearance by operating “View”> “Toggle Light / Dark User Interface” (Toggle Light / Dark User Interface) from the main menu.

  1. Label

The tab function of PlainPad can be activated through the main menu (macOS 10.12 or later) under “Window”

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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