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PhotoLine V22.02

PhotoLine mac cracked app – PhotoLine is a very good and practical Mac image processing software on the Mac os platform. The function and efficiency of PhotoLine for mac are no longer inferior to some large professional-level image processing software. Compared with large-scale photoshop software, it is fully functional, takes up less memory, and the operation is not so complicated. If you are interested, try downloading PhotoLine.

PhotoLine Features:

  1. The interface for opening the Photo Line for the first time after installation feels chaotic.You can set according to the author’s interface in the Dialogs and Toolbar in the View menu, leaving only the Toolbox (Toolbox), Layer setting (Layer options), Guides ( (Reference), Alignments toolbar and Tool setting, Style, Layer panel, which is similar to Photo shop 6.0, which is convenient and convenient. Options under the Options menu is important to integrate the software The set options, Keyboard Layout, can be customized with shortcut keys. Because there are fewer default shortcut keys, I have defined many tools and commands to be the same as Photo shop, which makes it easier to use.


  1. The toolbox is similar to Photo shop and easy to use, but it will change intelligently when editing image layers, text layers or vector layers. Some tools are very unique. The mobile tools and free deformation tools are integrated into layer tools. Better than Photo shop, because it can automatically fill the internal voids to form a complete continuous selection, it is cool! Some of the patterns drawn on the stamp are different from each stroke (in fact because the brush file can contain multiple layers); Filter brushes can be painted with filters. Toolbar alignment tools are also more convenient and faster than Photo shop.
  2. The Effects menu and Style panel provide dazzling layer effects, some of which are not available in the Photo shop, and the parameters are rich and adjustable. The author is most satisfied with the frequently used 3D projections of various angles no longer need to be in the Photo shop. Step by step or use Eye candy.
  3. The built-in filters of Photo Line are super strong, especially each filter under the Effect Filter and Shape Tool has many types, and the parameters are rich, so you can do whatever you want, change endlessly, and teach people to put it down. We can open the help For the copyright information of the About, take a look at the effects that the Photo Line can achieve. The effects of Mona Lisa and the floating window are made of Effect Filter-Drawing Filter-Points Water and Shape Tools-Distort Wavy, respectively.
  4. It is no exaggeration to say that all the effects that Photo shop can make, Photo Line can also be completed, and may be faster. It also supports both Windows and Mac OS, showing that its positioning is professional software.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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