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Paste Queue V1.3

Paste Queue V1.3

Paste Queue Mac cracked version is a great way to save time and can be used to copy and paste multiple items between locations. Just copy all the required items first. Then paste all at once or at once, without switching back and forth between source and target.

Mac cracked app function:

  1. Support text, HTML, code, image, file, hyperlink, PDF and application proprietary data
  2. Work across different applications and windows
  3. Unlimited number of items can be accommodated before pasting
  4. Customizable keyboard shortcuts for copying items to the queue
  5. You can use regular copy commands to copy items to the queue (when the application window is opened)
  6. Choose not to record duplicate items in the queue
  7. Customizable keyboard shortcuts to paste items one by one in the order of first in first out (sequence) or last in first out
  8. You can paste items in any order by clicking
  9. You can drag and drop items to the destination
  10. You can reorder items before pasting
  11. Customizable keyboard shortcuts can paste all items at once
  12. You can insert text to separate multiple items pasted together
  13. You can paste multiple items into continuous fields/cells in forms/spreadsheets at once
  14. You can paste rich text as plain text
  15. Optional copy and paste sound effects
  16. Quickly access the queue through the app’s menu bar icon
  17. You can use keyboard shortcuts to open application windows
  18. You can delete all copied items or selected items

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Paste Queue

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