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Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox V4.5.0

Parallels Toolbox mac cracked app – Parallels Toolbox is a tool that can optimize users’ daily work The perfect weapon, whether you are a creative individual, a small business owner, or a developer (even these three identities are suitable for you), there is a tool in Parallels Toolbox that can meet your changing needs!

Parallels Toolbox function:

1. Designed for creative individuals, small business owners, video bloggers and online trainers.

2. Use one-click tools to quickly create high-quality content, such as making GIFs, capturing screenshots, recording screens, and downloading audio.

3. Control your built-in camera to take photos and record videos.

4. Easily convert or reset the size of the creative project content.

5. When you need it, use our download video tool to download your favorite Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo videos.

6. Optimized for presenters, teachers, students, small business owners, long-term multitaskers and online trainers, so that they have a set of easy-to-use tools.

7. Get ready for the presentation quickly, easily hide the cluttered desktop, start multiple applications with just one click, or lock the screen when you finish your work.

8. Use tools such as do not disturb, do not enter sleep mode, and presentation mode during the presentation to avoid embarrassing notifications.

9. Use convenient time management tools (such as alarm clock, date countdown, stopwatch and timer) to micro-manage your work efficiency.

10. Created for basic and advanced users. It is also suitable for small business owners, developers, system administrators or IT users who need a simple set of tools to save space.

11. Use tools such as cleaning up the drive, finding duplicates, or freeing up memory to free up additional disk space to easily optimize your hard disk storage.

12. Use system tools such as airplane mode, disable camera, lock screen, and mute microphone to fully control your privacy.

13. Use file archives, eject volumes from external drives, or monitor switching resolutions to manage changing workflows.

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