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OverPicture For Safari V1.11

OverPicture for Safari V1.11

OverPicture for Safari Mac cracked version – OverPicture for Safari is a Safari video extension plug-in. The main function of this is to support the video picture-in-picture mode in HTML5 format, which is very easy to use!

Mac cracked app function:

OverPicture is a Safari extension that allows you to play any web video in picture-in-picture mode.

  1. Click the picture-in-picture toolbar button.
  2. In the selected player (such as YouTube), use the custom button.
  3. Press the P key while playing the video.

Note: You can enable OverPicture Extension from the “Extensions” section of the “Safari Preferences” pane.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

OverPicture for Safari

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