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OmniOutliner Pro 5.8.2

OmniOutliner mac cracked app – is a tool for writing and recording text information outlines produced by Omni. OmniOutliner can be used to write to-do lists, create schedules, manage tasks, track expenses, notes, plan activities, etc. It is a very easy-to-use outline writing tool!

OmniOutliner Pro

Software function:1. Save filter PROThe function of OmniOutliner! Filter rows according to different conditions: column value, status, comment content, etc. Reference.2. Password Protection Professional EditionEncrypt documents you want to keep secret. can now encrypt documents with passwords.3. Customizable keyboard shortcut settings

4. Carefree writingBy automatically hiding the toolbar and sidebar in full screen mode, focus on you Writing. There is no distraction between you and your words.5. File StatisticsAs you type, get a real-time view of statistical information lines, words, and characters. They are located at the bottom of the document window and can help you achieve your writing goals.6, Built-in themes and templatesA set of beautiful themes are built into the application. You never have to think about color or font choices again…unless you want to.7, Full screen improvements

Keep the screen clean: 8, Dark modeOmniOutliner’s window will adjust its color according to the background color of the document.9,,: temporarily display any sidebar by hovering the mouse over the right or left edge of the screen. there are more.Resource searchTouch bar supportTypewriter mode10, slide into the sidebarMulti-line focus OPML mode11, Excel outputColumn width improvement< br>Style preview

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