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OmniGraffle Pro V7.18.3

OmniGraffle Pro V7.18.3

OmniGraffle Mac cracked version – OmniGraffle is a brand new launch The mind map version can help users draw charts, flowcharts, organization charts and illustrations, etc., which perfectly express your brainstorming and have very powerful functions.

Function introduction:

1, define your canvas
shared layer
artboard layer
resolution independent table
2, work faster
artboard presentation mode
keyboard shortcut settings export/import
Interactive action
Edit without mouse
3. Build bold graphics
Non-destructive shape combination
Convert line to shape
Convert text to shape
Mixed mode
br>Filling effect
4. Organization details
Object notes
Key: value to metadata
Draw sub-picture
5. Customize your workflow
Use JavaScript or AppleScript to automate
SVG export
Visio import and export
Xcode project import

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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