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MimoLive V5.7.0

MimoLive V5.7.0

MimoLive cracked Mac (Boinx mimoLive) version is a Mac platform podcast video production software, which can achieve the effect of news in TV stations, turning your Mac into a live TV room. It has amazing recording functions, supports podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, concerts, conferences and more. With its innovative user interface, it can easily create professional TV-style images and videos on the market today. Podcast editing software requires a lot of time to be used in post-production, and this software allows you to do it in one go while producing on the spot.


  1. Live broadcast
  2. Record to hard disk
  3. Broadcast to full screen
  4. To broadcast SDI (Key and Fill)
  5. Real-time editing
  6. 2D/3D broadcast graphics engine

Software screenshot:


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