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Microsoft Edge V81.0.416.72

Microsoft Edge V81.0.416.72

Microsoft Edge Mac cracked version – is also suitable for MacOS web browser. Compared with the previous Internet Explorer, it has been improved. The browser has better performance and enhanced security. When using a desktop or laptop computer to browse online, you can ensure the safety and efficiency of users.

Function introduction:

Mac friendly features

Microsoft Edge is designed to support every Mac keyboard shortcut. Users can use commands intuitively as if it were Mac-specific Mac cracked app. The browser has unique button positions to keep it consistent with the Mac OS interface. It is also compatible with the Touch Bar of every Mac computer. The touch bar includes the media control slider and the function to switch between tabs through the touch bar. The browser’s tabs have rounded corners similar to Mac applications, while retaining the basic user interface. With the new privacy control, users can ensure their safety. They can also access the “Collection” feature to save online media content and share it with contacts.

Known features

Microsoft Edge is known for its intuitive tools. Mac users can ensure that their laptops have better battery life when surfing the web. They can arrange, group, preview and save all open tabs. The Hub function has also been imported from the original version of the browser. It displays things like saved websites, browsing history and recent download activities. You can manage documents such as PDF, online books and web pages in this browser. It allows operations such as phrases, researching words, synchronizing digital books, editing PDFs, and printing web pages. Learning tools are used to study the correct pronunciation of words. It also supports any high-quality online media content from new technologies.

Join Microsoft Bandwagon

Microsoft’s decision to use Microsoft Edge on a Mac computer is very surprising and pleasant. Mac users can finally try the functions of Microsoft Edge without using any emulator. Being an exclusive browser is a thing of the past.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Microsoft Edge

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