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MenuBar Stats 3.5.2

MenuBar Stats mac cracked app – MenuBar Stats has been completely remodeled. Rewrite and prepare the latest macOS from scratch. MenuBar Stats 3 consists of modules (CPU, disk, network, Bluetooth…). You can view each module in the menu bar or/and notification center. Each module can be combined in one window or in a separate window. You can display concise information, or up to detailed information, including charts, top-level processes, etc. Get notifications about battery health or other modules.

MenuBar Stats Function introduction:

1, MenuBar statistics

·Quickly check the system running status in the menu bar or/and notification center.

·7 advanced modules (CPU, memory, network, disk, battery, GPU, Bluetooth).

· 2 optional additional modules (temperature, fan) and auxiliary tools, available from

·Each module can be in a combined window or in a separate window for more detailed information.

·Just drag and drop to reorder modules from the menu bar or window.

·Highly customizable.

·Notifications for most modules

·Top-level process monitoring.

·Show or hide the module in the menu bar and save space.

2. Bluetooth module

· Pay close attention to the battery level of the Bluetooth device.

·Click Connect/Disconnect AirPod or other devices from the menu bar.

Get notifications about the device’s battery level.

3. Battery module

·Closely control the health of the battery

·When notified, when to charge or not to charge

· 5 top-level processes.

4. CPU module

Optional graphics in detailed view mode.

·For any module, display the hidden module name, instrument, text in the menu bar

· 5 top-level processes.

·Thread, load average,…

MenuBar Stats

5. Memory module

·Memory Clean

·Memory monitoring using traditional or memory stress methods

Optional graphics in detailed view mode.

·Many options for the information displayed in the menu bar

· 5 top-level processes.

6. Disk module

·Eject disk from MenuBar statistics.

·Display volume in Finder.

• Receive notification when the disk runs out of storage space.

7. Network module

·Quick view in the throughput menu bar.

·Detailed information about the interface.

·Quick copy your IP address etc.

8. More modules

·The temperature and fan module with assistant can be obtained from

Mac cracked app screenshot:

MenuBar Stats

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