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Master Of Typing V3.12.1

Master of Typing V3.12.1

Master of Typing 3 Mac cracked version – Master of Typing enables you to master the technique of writing quickly using all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Modern people spend their entire lives on computers. Every day, whether chatting with friends or working, we use the keyboard to type something. Touch typing not only saves time but also reduces switch attention.

Master of Typing Function introduction:

Master of Typing 3 is a typing contact tool, an effective TOUCH typing process to master fast typing techniques using all your 10 fingers at the same time.

Improve your typing speed

Various exercises: letters and special characters, words and phrases.

Click Settings (bottom left corner).

Please make sure that the automatic difficulty is turned off.

Choose a difficulty level, and then choose a lesson.

Use the left/right arrow keys to select the course part.

Automatic difficulty setting:

Click Settings (bottom left corner).

If the practice is successful, select the automatic difficulty to automatically move to the next lesson.

If you only want to practice the letters in this lesson, please deselect the automatic difficulty and select the lesson.

Check new skills

Multiple levels of exams.

Accurate statistical results: best and average speed, best and average accuracy.

Enjoy the benefits:

Smart Timer-Stop when you click outside the application window.

So, you can come back to practice and continue to practice at any time.

Three themes: light, dark and oriental-choose the most universal and convenient theme that best suits your needs.

Swipe and shortcut keys can quickly switch windows.

The color keyboard scheme to remember the position of the finger.

Suitable for self-study at any time.

Type in a different language:

English (QWERTY),

Russian (ЙЦУКЕН),


French (AZERTY),

German (QWERTZ),



Mac cracked app screenshot:

Master of Typing V3.12.1 1

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