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Magic Sort List V3.3.3

Magic Sort List V3.3.3

Magic Sort List Mac cracked version – Do you have an unsorted list and no spreadsheets ready to be sorted? Don’t be disappointed, Magic Sort List can help you. The Magic Sorting List is accompanied by our revolutionary sorting engines, which have been continuously refined and improved over the years

Magic Sort List Mac cracked app function:

  1. Sort the list in ascending or descending order
  2. Smart Sort option, regardless of whether the number is filled with zeros, it is regarded as a number
  3. Ability to group and add letter titles in sorted list
  4. It can help delete duplicate items in the list and delete blank lines
  5. Provide options for ignoring certain prefixes in the list, such as A, An and The. Not only that, you can also set your own prefix ignore list
  6. Add a running index number in front of each line, the number is filled with zeros, so the list looks neat
  7. Change the case of the text-all lowercase, all uppercase, the first letter of each word is capitalized, and the first letter of the first word is capitalized without change.
  8. The No Sort option allows you to delete duplicate items and add the index number to the list
  9. Save the sorted list in the built-in database for future retrieval and reordering
  10. Since the lists (unsorted and sorted) are text-based files, you can export them to any location where you need to sort the list.
  11. You can share the sorted list with various applications through the Mac’s “Share” menu
  12. Support accented symbols


Magic Sort List Mac cracked app screenshot:

Magic Sort List

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