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LuLu V1.2.3

LuLu V1.2.3

LuLu Mac cracked version is a free and Open source firewall, which is mainly used to block unauthorized (outgoing) network traffic unless the user explicitly allows it.

Function introduction:

Network monitoring

According to the design, LuLu only monitors outgoing network connections and can be used with Apple’s built-in firewall (to prevent unauthorized incoming connections).


Currently, LuLu only supports the’process level’ rule, which means that the process (or application) is allowed to connect to the network. This also means that LuLu, like other firewalls, will be released if a legitimate (allowed) process is abused by malicious code.

Single user

Currently, LuLu only supports single user installation. Later versions may allow multiple users to install it on the same system.

Self defense mechanism

We all know that there is no absolute security, and any security mechanism may be bypassed. Therefore, LuLu (currently) has very few self-defense mechanisms designed and implemented. for example, an attacker can enumerate all running processes, find and kill LuLu components responsible for alarms (via sigkill).


I suggest you build LuLu in Xcode (although you need to remove the code signing restrictions, or replace it with your own Apple developer/kernel code signing certificate)

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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